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Android Theme logoExpress yourself with premium quality Android themes! Are you tired of low-quality themes?  Do you want to give your device a unique look, saving battery life in the same time? Android Theme is the answer.

I bring to you specifically designed to be super-good looking at the eye and low weight for your device .

For easy search and browse, my Android themes are gruped in some sections:

  • Natural look themes are maded using natural materials eg. (most) paper and wood
  • Clean design themes are based on flat one texture icons and smooth backgrounds
  • Pure stylle themes are totally ascetic designed, one color icons on minimalistic bacgrounds

Or some subcategories like Game inspired or Hi Tech.

You can also find here some Live Wallpapers and Go Locker themes as well.

Feel free to explore and i hope you will find somethin fits you. If you like my works, please let me know, leave comment and/or rate me on market.

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